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Where'd my cash go?

Have you ever wondered why you are having a busy month in sales, but you can never seem to see the extra money in your bank or savings account? You have a leak in your bucket and need it repaired NOW before you lose more cash!

Why can't I pay myself more?

You work doggedly every day, but you aren't able to make the savings stack. You didn't start your business to be working long hours for little / no pay. Stop the rat-race by fixing the holes in your metaphorical bucket.

Can I afford _____?

Looking to invest in the future for your business? But you don't have the funds for it because your bucket (business) is like swiss cheese. Fixing even a few leaks can help you afford more great opportunities!


Torie Brabander

"It’s important to remember that recessions are a blip in time and are not necessarily going to shutter your business—if you have a plan."

Torie is a bookkeeping services specialist who enjoys helping business owners by providing industry specific financial tracking and a step-by-step cash flow improvement system.

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A Recession is Coming: What to Know

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